Concept and Performance

a work in progress

Series Pure Affect #1

co-curated by REPLICA and Without appeal

23th January 2019

Atelier Äuglein

Oppelner Strasse 12, 10997 Berlin



"Into The Dark"

Directed by: Jeannette Ehlers

At Maxim Gorki Theater 

7&8 June / Festival Be.Pop 2018


Concept and Performance

"I am [NOT] a parrot"

Performance and music: Tatiana Mejia

Shared performance night

Altes Finanzamt, Neukölln Berlin




"Extended Noise Nocturne"

by Sergiu Matis

Dance Marathon on the International Dance Day

29 April 2018

Kunstkooperative Berlin





"Funeral of a piece" 

by Jon Kiriac // Victor Nicoara

2 pieces & karaoke #2

25 March 2018

Kunstkooperative Berlin


Concept and Performance

"I am [NOT] a parrot"

Performance and music: Tatiana Mejia

2 pieces and karaoke #1

11 February 2018

Kunstkooperative Berlin




Dramaturgy: Jon Kiriac

Performance: Tatiana Mejia and Jon Kiriac

Live music: Aron Quarttet

Festival Kammermusiktage Ahrenshoop 2017




"Democracy in America"

Director: Romeo Castelluci

8 & 9 April 2017

FIND Festival Internationale Neue Dramatik

Schaubühne Berlin


Performance and Concept

"Ga-gá "

Premiere in the Festival Plataforma Iberoamericana Berlin 2016.

6th and 7th of October.

Dock 11, Berlin.




Jeux d’ enfants“ 

With Zsuzsa Bálint, Cristian Niculescu and Jon Kiriac.

20 October 3pm.

Festival Kammermusiktage Ahrenshoop 2016



"Sleeper "

Concept: Julian Weber

23 July 2p.m.-6p.m.

Grimmuseum, Fichtestraße 2, Berlin





Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2016

Choerography: Martha Hincapié Charry

29 May 6p.m.

URBANRAUM Urbanstrasse 93, Berlin. 



Fieber Festival

ACUD Veteranenstrasse 21

7:30 pm

May 2015

Choregraphic Residency Project

Scoring the imaginative body“

Deutsche Botschaft and French Alliance in Dominican Republic

In collaboration with Helene Taddei Lawson

for National Dance Companies

15- 28 Septiember

Festival Edanco 2014 Santo Domingo