Checkmate Humanity 

by La Armada
Choreography & Performance: Tatiana Mejia
DOP and Editing: Jonathan Steil
Gimbal Operator: Woo- Jun Sung
Make Up: Isis Kuaygarond
Producer: Jon Kiriac


Artistic Direction: Tatiana Mejia
Performance: Julio Joseph, Tatiana Mejia, Estelle Widmaier , TRVANIA / Dramaturgy: Kareth Schaffer / Text: TRVANIA
Video/Editing: Micaela MasettoMusic and Graphic Design: Gabriel Lora
Stage and Costume Design: Vanessa Vadineanu   / Assistance: Anne-Kathrin Hartmann / Sound: Alex Feldmann
Light Design: Asier Solana / Grading: Agustin Melfi
Production: Jon Kiriac 

Supported by IMPACT Project Funding of Berlin Department of Culture and Europe and Fonds Darstellende Künste 

A dance Film by Tatiana Mejia

Kiskeya is the ancient name of a tropical island that oscillates between a tourist paradise for bargain hunters and a prison for its poorest inhabitants. One island with two nations, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, who are separated by their past and present – one is even working diligently to build another fence! One of the poorest countries in the world and one of the wealthiest in the Caribbean saw their relationship defined first by colonial narratives, and then by hatred, racism, colorism, fear, codependency, ignorance, denial of ancestral heritage, and a lot of plastic. 

This interdisciplinary dance project unites artists from both cultures to communicate through movement, sound, languages, and the bonds of common traditions.

The political and social situation on my home island inspired me to make this film.

However, I was not interested in pointing fingers, but in the artistic encounter between Dominican and Haitian dancers. It is a declaration of love to my beautiful native island.

Daydreaming in echoes

 Artistic Direction Tatiana Mejia
Performance and choreography: Fanny Kulisch, Aischa Dawn Ibrahim & Tatiana Mejia
Dramaturgy: Zwoisy Mears- Clarke
Costume and Stage design: Linda Spörl & Vanessa Vadineanu
Light design: Asier Solana & Vanessa Vadineanu
Plataforma Berlin Festival 2019
Dock 11


Performance: Jon Kiriac and Tatiana Mejia
Live Music: Aron Quartett
Festival Kammermusiktage Ahreenshoop 2018


 Concept and performance: Tatiana Mejía
Music: Eugenio Garrido and Rafa Dujarric
Iberoamerican Festival Plataforma Berlin @ Dock 11 2016



Concept and performance: Tatiana Mejía
Music: Albert Mathias
@ Tanztage Berlin 2013, Sophiensaele